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Andrew Smith
Andrew The Brilliant Balloon Man

Specialist Entertainer, Performer.
Author, Speaker, Educator

Tel.   +852  66258224



Message for Pinga Chan

Hi Pinga

Please click on the link above to watch a short message from Andrew The Brilliant Balloon Man

Performance Fees

Fees depend on the number of shows per day and the duration of your event. If we can arrange a meeting we can discuss your plans and see how we may work together. please let me know a convenient time to get together.

A specially designed show that will attract more visitors to Windsor House  giving you:

  • Happy Tenants.
  • A Great Atmosphere for the Chinese New Year
  • A wonderful event that appeals to families.
  • Pictures will be posted on social media.
  • Windsor House The talk of the town.

A short Clip of

The Brilliant Balloon Show

Hear the audience laugh as they enjoy the show.

Happy Crowds

A show designed to make your visitors smile and laugh. I will work with you closely to make your show unique and funny.

Testimonial from a

Dubai Shopping Mall

Kind words after a seven day run, three shows a day in Dubai.

Performance Images.

Testimonial From Indonesia 

Dear Andrew,

Its been a honour to have you in Lenmarc Mall Surabaya

We really enjoyed working with you during your shows as well as the crowds. Great to hear that everybody liked your performance.

There is a good news for you. We would like to invite you back next year during the school holidays, June and July 2014 with your new show so all your fans will have great entertainment.

Thank you again for the crowds.

Lenna Sumampow     Marketing Director

Lenmarc Mall Surabaya Indonesia.

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Many Happy Clients

Tailor made shows made for many individual companies.

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